What are digital strategies and campaigns

A digital marketing strategy is a plan of what you are trying to achieve with digital marketing. Here at Core Creative we always start by getting a clear idea of what your goals are for your website – do you need more sales? Do you need more enquiries? Would you like to see more people downloading resources from your site? Whatever the case, it’s essential to determine exactly what the goal of the digital marketing campaign is and how it will be measured.

Once you have a digital marketing strategy in place, you need to outline the activities that will be done to achieve it. Timescales will be put in place outlining when tasks should be completed in order to ensure that everything stays on track.

Results should be reviewed regularly to make sure progress is being made and what, if anything, can be done to improve the results further. As time goes on the plan may (and should!) change according to the activities of your competitors, and changes in your industry and within your business.

A digital marketing campaign consists of carrying out the activities outlined in the digital marketing plan.  Again, the most important thing is to always measure and track the success of your campaigns. If you are launching a new service or product, you can see exactly what actions worked best on which channels and repeat this in future campaigns.

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