Why your SEO matters so much...

Supercharge your marketing approach

Digital marketing should be at the core of any successful marketing strategy. It allows you to measure exactly what is working best and where the opportunities are in your industry. Digital marketing ties together all your activities including offline marketing, social media channels, email campaigns, website activity and more. Knowing this allows you to analyse, optimise and ultimately “supercharge” your marketing and your business, creating more sales, leads and driving your KPIs.

What you can expect…
  • Gain more exposure online and reach a wider targeted audience
  • Dramatically increase traffic to your website through the search engines
  • Increase the conversion rate of visitors to your website
  • Increase your ROI by setting defined visitor goals
  • Establish your business as an industry authority with content marketing
  • Measure and demonstrate real results through analytics

Some great examples of SEO

400% increase in enquiries for Wellbeing Group

Implementing a new SEO campaign for Wellbeing Group has led to an immediate increase in enquiries.

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Strada London enjoy ROI with new SEO strategy

Architectural ironmongery experts Strada London, have commisioned Core to implement a full SEO strategy.

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Over 700% increase in ROI for Ambiente

Leading underfloor heating specialist Ambiente, have seen fantastic results from the new SEO strategy driven by Core.

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 The ingredients for a great SEO strategy

The secret behind any successful SEO strategy lies in connecting all the dots. At Core Creative our in-house digital marketing and web team focus on delivering optimum results by deploying all the necessary digital marketing strategies needed to deliver you the best results. Here’s a summary of some of the extensive digital marketing services we offer at Core Creative, to find out more speak to our team today for a free SEO appraisal.

What is on site SEO?
Matching your website to the same phrases and questions potential customers are searching for thus making your website stand out to search engines and new customers.
  • Make it easy for search engines and visitors to find your site online
  • Stand out from the crowd with all the latest practices in digital marketing
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Get a more relevant, targeted audience to your website
  • Put your online marketing on autopilot
  • Long lasting results
The Process
  • Audit – We check what is and isn’t working
  • Measure – We find out where your site currently stands against competitors
  • Keyword Research – We find the best terms for your business to rank for
  • Start Optimising – We optimise all the elements on your site
  • Review and adjust – We measure the results and adjust accordingly
What’s included
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis of terms currently driving traffic to your site
  • Analysis of the most popular terms for your service / product / industry
  • Analysis of the most relevant terms for your site
  • Apply click-through-rate and conversion data to predict benefits of optimisation
  • Implementing keywords on page titles
  • Implementing keywords in URLs (new sites only)
  • Implementing keywords in meta-Descriptions
  • Implementing keywords in the content
  • Implementing keywords in headings
  • Implementing keywords in alt text
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of future articles, content, images, and video
What is Off Site SEO?
Each link to your site counts as an “up vote”. The more votes you have, the higher you rank in search results. Our Off-Site Link Building gets you relevant, quality links from around the web.
  • Show search engines that you are an authority within your industry
  • Increase traffic coming to your site from other sites
  • Develop links with influential companies and individuals to your industry
  • Gain exposure and brand awareness
  • One of the most important elements of SEO
The Process:
  • Audit – We assess where you currently stand for links compared to your competitors
  • Assess – We carry out thorough research to find websites that would make great ‘link partners’
  • Strategy – We build a thorough strategy for getting links
  • Perform outreach – We manually contact website owners
  • Content – Get guest articles, provide content and opinions – We’ll provide what’s needed
  • Review and adjust – We’ll measure our efforts each month and report back
What’s Included:
  • Research into your competitors’ links
  • Research into the best-performing links for your site, finding similar link opportunities
  • Guest posting content to relevant websites to your industry
  • Finding other websites that already link to the type of content relevant to your site
  • Finding sites that mention your brand but are not currently hyperlinking
  • Finding (and fixing) broken links that are no longer working
  • Assessing the resources available and suggesting new ones
What is CRO?
A scientific approach to measuring the success of your marketing efforts and a process of constantly reviewing and increasing your ROI.
  • Track exactly what is and isn’t working on your site
  • Adjust your approach
  • Test your ideas
  • Measure the results
  • Repeat the process
The Process:
  • Set Up – We utilise the latest tracking software to monitor behaviour on your site
  • Measure – We’ll measure how well your site is currently meeting your goals
  • Strategy – We’ll suggest ways to increase conversions on your site
  • Test – We can test our suggestions and check which performs best
  • Report – We’ll report on the outcome and recommend changes
  • Review and adjust – To increase conversions
What’s Included:
  • Full, accurate Google Analytics set up
  • Filtering of internal and spam traffic
  • Full, accurate Google Tag Manager set up
  • Full, accurate Google Search Console set up
  • Installation of split testing software
  • Installing tracking software in line with latest GDPR guidelines
  • Suggestions and edits for site improvements to website design and testing
  • Split testing of different designs / approaches reviewed monthly
  • Submission to Bing and set up of Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Development of specific goals
  • Development of a sales funnel
  • Monthly report of results, goals, user behaviour and more
  • Analysis and review of your website sales funnel
  • Set up of e-commerce tracking (if applicable)
What is Content Marketing?
The professional production of compelling assets to build your brand and your ranking online.
  • Be seen as an authority
  • Boost your organic SEO rankings
  • Long lasting results with evergreen content
  • Answer your customers’ questions and concerns
  • Gain more links to your website
  • Collaborate with leading industry figures
  • A great source for new relevant content to be used on social media and email campaigns
The Process:
  • Audit – We conduct a thorough investigation into the keywords and phrases most popular in your industry, which terms you already rank for, and which terms offer the most opportunity
  • Strategy – We’ll compile a strategy for the next three, six or twelve months of content
  • Create the content – Having received your brief our in-house copywriters will write the content and our professional designers will create any graphics required
  • Optimise – We’ll make sure that your content is fully optimised to be found by search engines
  • Submit for review – You’ll get every opportunity to adjust and amend your content before it goes live
  • Review and adjust – We monitor what content performs the best and adjust our approach accordingly
What’s Included:
  • Further keyword research on specific topics
  • Creating a content marketing strategy for three / six / twelve months
  • Drafting articles to your specifications and SEO best practices
  • Writing in-depth, authoritative, relevant content that search engines and customers will love
  • Optimising the articles to rank highly and support your digital marketing efforts
What is Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Reputation Management?
Promoting your products and services through the social channels most relevant to your industry. Connecting and building a community with your target audience and industry influencers relevant to you.
  • Distributing your content to a wide but relevant audience
  • Building rapport with your audience
  • Enhancing your brand recognition
  • Engaging with industry leaders and influencers
  • Listening to what your customers (and competitors) are saying about you
  • Increasing your visibility online with online reviews
  • Responding to and promoting positive reviews
  • Dealing with negative reviews swiftly and discreetly
  • Enhancing your social media campaigns even further with paid advertising
The Process:
  • Audit – We’ll look at the opinions already available about you online
  • Assess – We’ll establish which social media channels will suit your business best
  • Strategy – We’ll compile a strategy for the next 3, 6, or 12 months of content
  • Implement – We schedule all your social media posts in advance so you can see exactly what we are doing each month
  • Analyse, Report, Review and Adjust – for continual improvement
What’s Included:
  • Adding review links to email signatures
  • Adding review links to specific pages on your site
  • Monitoring the internet for mentions of your brand
  • Resolving negative reviews quickly and efficiently (before they go public)
  • Review which channels would be best for clients
  • Set up channels for client, including branded artwork
  • Daily checks across all social channels, responding to any enquiries, mentions, comments etc.
  • Planning and scheduling posts
  • Scheduling any reactive content clients send us
  • Sharing any email marketing, video/blogs on social
  • All branded assets are made in the studio
  • Researching and planning engaging campaigns to increase followers on social media
  • Connecting and interacting with target audience and social media influencers
  • Reporting, reviewing and adjusting content accordingly
What is Technical SEO
Making sure that everything runs like clockwork on your site and keeping it up to date with all the latest developments in digital marketing.
  • Make sure there are no problems preventing your site from ranking
  • Inspecting and optimising every aspect of your site
  • A complete weekly health check of your site
The Process:
  • We find out exactly how your site is doing to date
  • Finding any issues that may prevent SEO
What’s Included:
  • Demographic tracking of your site visitors
  • Checking your site is being indexed correctly
  • Checking your site is being seen correctly (indexed) by search engines
  • Monitoring your search rankings and identifying any issues
  • Reviewing and updating monthly
  • Using structured data and schema markup to show search engines exactly what your site offers
What is Pay-Per-Click
PPC is essentially paid online advertising. For many search results on Google up to four ads will show at the top of the search results. This ensures advertisers get maximum visibility.

Not only that but there are a wide range of options to ensure that the traffic received is highly targeted. PPC is a very powerful way of being in front of your customers just when you need to be. We can even help set a budget so that you never pay more than you can afford and you only pay when your ad results in traffic to your site.

  • Leap to the top of the search results
  • Get traffic to your site immediately
  • Increase clicks, conversions or calls
  • Let people call you directly from the search results
  • Only pay when people click your ad
  • Cap your budget to prevent overspend
The Process:
  • Meeting and Brief – We create goals and find out how to reach them
  • Campaign set-up – We’ll get everything ready for you to check
  • Approval – If you’re happy with the ads then we’re good to go
  • Testing period – Over a few weeks we’ll assess what is working best
  • Adjust and improve – We’ll constantly tweak, measure and report your results
What’s Included:
  • Adding Facebook Remarketing Pixel to your site
  • Adding Google Remarketing Pixel to your site
  • Creating Goals
  • Setting Geographic Targeting
  • Connecting your Adwords data to Google Analytics
  • Creating ads
  • Setting Geographic Targeting
  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Regular review and adjustment as necessary